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Liquid Stir-welded Chill Plate

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maxQ Chill Plates

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C&H Technology offers Q-CHILL" Coldplates, invented by MaxQ Technology, used in thermal management applications for industries in renewable energy, wind turbines, high-speed rail, solar, electric vehicle, military, and large industrial drives. This innovative technology provides uniform cooling of power electronic devices from 30kW to 250kW. Manufactured using the unique friction stir welding (FSW) process to incorporate unique cooling structures, Q-CHILL" Coldplates have great thermal performance with low pressure drops.

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Thermal Resistance

List Price

CHW001-MXQ-01 162 mm 136 mm 20 mm 0.008 ºC/W QUOTE
CHW003-MXQ-01 162 mm 172 mm 20 mm 0.007 ºC/W QUOTE
CHW005-MXQ-01 162 mm 147 mm 20 mm 0.008 ºC/W QUOTE
CHW007-MXQ-01 202 mm 130 mm 20 mm 0.008 ºC/W QUOTE
CHW009-MXQ-01 198 mm 147 mm 20 mm 0.009 ºC/W QUOTE
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1