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Item # ET Series, Power Electronic Capacitors

DC Filter Capacitors Type ET

Type ET
These capacitors are manufactured using a mixed dielectric material that consists of polyester/polypropylene film and capacitor tissue. They are impregnated and filled with a mineral oil. The container is a Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper tube sealed at both ends with resin assuring hermetic sealing. The capacitors are terminated with M5 *12mm studs or tinned copper wire. Note: The impregnant used is a non toxic highly refined, purified and inhibited mineral oil.

Applications The ET range is specifically designed for high voltage filters and can be successfully used in the following applications:
  • By-pass
  • Coupling
  • Filter applications
  • X-ray power supplies
  • Electrostatic air deaners



Film, Polypropylene, Polyester


1000 to 60000 V


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