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Item # ER Series, Power Electronic Capacitors

DC Filter Capacitors Type ER

Type ER
Capacitors offer unusually good electrical characteristics, coupled with very small size. The ER range of capacitors are manufactured using a mixed dielectric material that consists of polyester/polypropylene. The container is a rolled seamed tinplate case that is hermetically sealed. The construction is designed to prevent internal movement when subjected to shock and vibration. Note: The impregnant used is a non toxic highly refined, purified and inhibited mineral oil.

The ER range of capacitors are specifically designed for DC applications.
  • Audio coupling
  • Pulse forming networks
  • Oscillator circuits
  • Arc and spark suppression
  • RF by-pass
  • Tuned filters
  • Energy storage
  • Integrating circuits
  • Low and high pass filters
  • High voltage smoothing

Capacitors required for AC applications and High Discharge rates can also be designed from the ER range.
Consult Vishay Electronic GmbH, Division Roederstein ESTA and Hybrids for your specific requirements.



Film, Polypropylene, Polyester


1000 to 40000 V


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