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All Categories > Industrial Power Capacitors > Power Electronic Capacitors > Item # GTO 1200-2P Series  
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Item # GTO 1200-2P Series, Power Electronic Capacitors

"GTO Snubber Capacitors, Dry Self-healing, Type GTO1200-2R


Capacitance/Tolerance CN 2 uF ± 5%
Rated voltage UN 1200V
Rated DC voltage Udc 800VDC
Rated RMS voltage Urms 500VAC
Peak voltage period. Us 1200VDC
Peak voltage not period. Usmax 1700VDC

Voltage raise du/dt 2000V/us
Rated current In 32A
Peak current Is 4000A"



Film, Polypropylene, Metallized

Case (EIA & Mil)

1200 to GTO 1200-2R


GTO 1200-2P
(PDF, 45KB)