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Industrial Power Capacitors

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Power Electronic Capacitors

Capacitors for power Electronics

  • High RMS current rating: up to 150 A
  • High impulse current rating: up to 10 kA
  • Low self-inductance of < 50nH
  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • Withstands heavy-duty shock and vibration
  • Non-polar dielectric
  • DC-linking and dc-filtering in industry and traction converters
  • DC-linking in low-power drives
  • Impulse discharge capacitors for magnetizing and welding replacement of aluminim electrolytic (lower capacitance, higher currents)
  • AC filters in UPS
Low Voltage AC Capacitors

Low Voltage AC Capacitors

  • Low loss, self-healing MKP-technology
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Biodegradable, vegetable-based, non-PCB, non-toxic filling agent in the oil-impregnated version, or
  • Dry version
  • Burst-proof as confirmed by independent international inspection centers such as UL/ULc
  • Highest overcurrent and inrush current capabilities
  • Life expectancy of >150,000 operating hours with highly consistent capacitance values
  • Individual and group fixed compensation
  • Controlled central compensation
  • Filter circuits for mains systems with harmonics
VDE 0560/46 and 47
EN 60831/1 and 2

230 to ...
Heavy Current Induction Heating Capacitors

Heavy Current - Induction Heating Capacitors

  • Compact construction
  • Each product designed to customers specifications
  • Can operate in extreme enviromental conditions
  • Easy to integrate onto overall system concepts
  • Static power capacitors for inductive heating plant compensation
  • Types of cooling
  • Natural cooling via air circulation
  • Forced-air fan cooling
  • Water cooling
Low ESR Aluminum

Low ESR - Aluminum Capacitors

  • Available with 85 °C, 105 °C and 125 °C maximum rated temperature
  • Long useful life, up to 15,000 hours at 85 °C or 5000 hours at 125 °C
  • Dimensions from Ø22x25 mm to Ø76x146 mm Polarized Snap-In campatible pinning available
  • Available for cooling with heatsink (not all series)
  • Compatible with industry satndard
  • Non-standard, sustomeized products possible for small orders
  • Satndard and switiched mode power supplies
  • Motor drives
  • Whitegoods motor control
  • Welding systems
  • Renewable energy applications
  • UPS systems

Aluminum-Screw Terminal Capacitors

Screw Terminal Aluminum Capacitors

  • High ripple current ratings up to 25.8 A (100 Hz at 85 oC
  • Low ESR ratings down to 4 O (at 100Hz)
  • High reliablity
  • Long life
  • /ul>Applications
    • Smoothing
    • DC link implementation
    • Buffering
    • Energy storage
    • Filtering