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Heat Sinks

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Bonded Fin Heat Sink

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

  • High fin density for increased performance
  • Accept common sized fans
  • Rugged proven designs
  • Ultra low thermal resistance for high wattage dissipation
  • RoHS compliant plating
  • Custom designs available
Extruded Heat Sink

Extruded Heat Sinks

  • Flatback shapes for power modules
  • Specific designs for stud type and disc (puk) power semiconductors
  • High fin density for increased performance
  • Unique shapes geared for use in Power Electronic assemblies
  • Large inventory of different profiles

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Liquid Chill-Block

Liquid Chill Blocks

  • Furnace brazed design made of solid copper
  • High pressure tested
  • For use in high current applications with disc (puk) type semiconductors
  • Nickel plated
Liquid Chill Plates BW

Liquid Copper Tube Chill Plate

  • Imbedded copper tubing into an aluminum plate
  • Ultra low thermal resistance for high wattage heat dissipation
  • Ideal for cooling large IGBT modules in inverter assemblies
  • Custom designs available
maxQ Chill Plates

Liquid Stir-welded Chill Plate

C&H Technology offers Q-CHILL" Coldplates, invented by MaxQ Technology, used in thermal management applications for industries in renewable energy, wind turbines, high-speed rail, solar, electric vehicle, military, and large industrial drives. This innovative technology provides uniform cooling of power electronic devices from 30kW to 250kW. Manufactured using the unique friction stir welding (FSW) process to incorporate unique cooling structures, Q-CHILL" Coldplates have great thermal performance with low pressure drops.