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We are a deeply experienced and highly specialized supplier able to provide complete solutions to virtually any high power application. We offer a complete line of high power semiconductors, rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, thyristors, IGBT modules, MOSFET's, heat sinks and capacitors. We also provide a number of specialized services tailored to help today's OEMs compete effectively in their industries.

C&H Technology is an Authorized Distributor of Vishay, Powerex & Secowest products.

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Air Cooled

Standard Recovery

Phase Control

Diode and Thyristor Power Assemblies

Power Rectifiers (Diodes)

Power Thyristors (SCRs)

Bridge Rectifiers


Resistor Wirewound

Bridge Rectifiers

IGBT Power Modules

Industrial Power Resistors




Industrial Power Capacitors

Heat Sinks

Hockey Puk Clamps